Inspire Girls to Scrapbook

This lovely Creativity Keeper is just what any mother, aunt or grandmother would want to give to inspire girls to scrapbook and help develop their creative thinking skills! (And at the time of writing it is on sale.)

Learn to Scrapbook Kit

Help the next generation with this Learn to Scrapbook Kit from American Girl Crafts. It will make a great birthday or Christmas gift, too.

Monthly Scrapbooking Kits

Monthly scrapbooking kits are popular because your scrapbooking comes to you themed and already coordinated so you can enjoy the process without worrying about the details of design and spending more time than you want (or have available) in planning and choosing colors.

FREE Digital Scrapbooking Paper

Our free digital scrapbooking paper is a transparent PGN file. Add it to the layer above your digital scrapbook paper and because it is transparent the texture and pattern of the lower paper will show through. Adjust colors to give a unique new digital paper each time you use it!

Scrapbooking Paper and Cards for the Troops

As I’ve said before, scrapbooking and card making go hand in hand, and about this time of year the more organized among us start to think of making Christmas cards for family and friends. No, strike that!

Greetings Cards: Purse Card

Greetings Cards: Purse Card

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for fun greetings cards ideas. A purse card is great for a woman of any age. Well I mean, do you know one who is not happy to a get a new purse? Even little girls will love their own version.