Super Summer Sale

Oh, I doooo love a good sale … winter sale, spring sale, super summer sale, end-of-line sale – whatever, lol! Whether it’s scrapbooking products, clothes or technology, I’d rather wait a little and save money than pay high prices for the newest products. It must be my Scots blood, lol.

Scrapbooking Gifts: Little Boy Collection

Buying scrapbooking gifts need not break the bank. Or perhaps you’re looking for inexpensive scrapbooking kit ideas for your own wishlist for family or friends to buy you!

Baby Scrapbooking Kits: A Gift Album

With a new baby due in the family soon I went looking to see what was currently on the market for baby scrapbooking kits. I always think there are at least two ways to give a scrapbooking album: make it myself; or give a kit as a gift album. And the arrival of a new baby is the ideal time to give a scrapbooking album kit.

Digital Scrapbooking SALE!

Are you looking for digital scrapbooking supplies? See the digital scrapbooking sale this weekend – till Monday night!

Martha Stewart Christmas Products

It’s that time of year when we’re looking for Christmas products either to make our gifts and cards, or to prepare for our Christmas scrapbook layouts. I’m adding things to my Christmas wishlist in the hope of some crafting gifts in my stocking.