Journaling Prompts: Letters to Santa

I remember faithfully writing my letters to Santa as a child. We had ‘real’ fires in those days, and my Mum used to light it in the fire and send it up the chimney to him. So we won’t find any to add to the scrapbooks for this journaling prompts challenge, lol!

Journaling Prompts: Where Were You When …?

There are times when something so momentous happens that we always remember what we were doing when we heard the news. Our journaling prompts today ask ‘Where were you when …?’

Journaling Prompts: Words of Wisdom

Journaling prompts come in all shapes and sizes. They say good things come in little packages, so don’t be surprised this is a short post, lol!

Journaling Prompts: What I Love About …

I find journaling prompts very helpful. They don’t just prompt a scrapbook layout idea, but often provide a title for the layout too. So when I saw a layout the other day with a title something like ‘what I love about you’ I thought the idea could be extended to offer a variety of alternatives.

Journaling Prompts – I Wonder …

As with a sketch, these journaling prompts are to give you a lift, just in case you are stuck. No promises of originality, just a helping hand that may get you off the starting blocks today.

10 Journaling Prompts

I thought it was just a couple of weeks since I last posted some journaling prompts and was surprised to see it was three months ago! I thought I’d better make up for it, so there are ten prompts this time.