2011-01A4 sampleI love making calendars and have done so for many years. If you are a regular calendar maker, too, do you realize we have our family history scrapbooks already done? (Assuming you keep old calendars, of course!)

You may say you do not keep a diary or a journal because you do not have time, but your appointment diary and photographs all contribute to your family history. And your scrapbook pages, even without the intention of being historical, are so!

Maybe you will want to keep all that in mind for future calendar making. Adding a little bit of journaling (and not just photos) will not only let the recipient know what your family has been doing this last year, it will fill out your family history a bit more.

And if you can’t quite remember what happened with which photos then you could try your old appointment diaries or family calendar pages and tie them up with your photos.

Just realized, I’ve been making calendars for family members for over twenty years now, but have never actually made one for myself. Maybe this year … So if you are like me, ask parents, grandparents and other recipients if they have kept any they’ve been given and you can fill out those family history records.

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