WellLoved Laugh 425x72webThe final one of our birthday cards ideas is the least feminine so suitable for male family members and friends, too.

Sometimes we can get a bit concerned as we see the years pass and the numbers increase, so this card reminds us to ‘Laugh’ for ‘age is only a number’.

For me, leaving my teens was the hardest age. My husband hated turning 50, and our son-in-law has just turned 30, much to his chagrin! We’re all different.

Read on to find out how to make this card.


Instructions for making the card:

  • choose your background paper, size to fit your card blank, and adhere it to the card
  • cut a rectangle of dark card and place across the card near the top
  • this card is stitched top and bottom; if you don’t like stitching then you can use some fiber, string or thin ribbon
  • add the curled stitches and sequins; use fiber, string or thin ribbon as before if you prefer
  • take the curled edge from the AYO pack and position to suit your taste along the lower edge of the card – there are several ‘bumps’ so choose the ones you prefer
  • if you do not have the AYO pack, choose contrasting paper and curl and fold back the edge roughly before adhering to the card
  • choose your alphas for ‘laugh’; chipboard letters would be good here; adhere to the left of the dark card strip; twine through the fiber if you like
  • place the narrow ‘metal’ strip on the right of the dark card, just a short distance from the edge, or a narrow strip of paper
  • use the same strip but shorter on the top left-hand edge of the dark card
  • place 3 brads in each of these strips – at the bottom of the right-hand one, and evenly spread over the shorter strip
  • place the ‘metal’ heart and star over each other at the top of the ‘metal’ strip on the right side of the card
  • add ‘age is only a number’ in small characters or with rub-on letters to the lower edge of the dark card, just to the left of the ‘metal’ strip; if using rub-ons, work from the last word/letter backwards to help get the positioning right; if you’ve any problems with this you can add a very narrow strip of card on which you’ve placed the words at this point

Note, if you prefer not to see the legs of brads poking through your card, then make up the dark strip of card with the brads pushed through before attaching it to your card.

The products used in this card are:

wm MRE WellLoved Collection MKTG 600
Well Loved Collection

MRE WellLoved Zoom
Zoom Pages: Well Loved

This is the final birthday card in our mini series. We hope you enjoyed making them with your scrapbooking supplies or the digital scrapbooking products we suggested (remember they can be printed too, to use as paper supplies.) Personal hand made greetings cards are great to make and to receive. Look out for our tips on matching envelopes coming soon.

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