WellLoved Brown 425x72 webThe third card in our mini series of birthday cards ideas uses tags which are always popular and come in all shapes and sizes.

Read on to see the instructions for this simple card.

These cards can all be made with paper scrapbooking supplies or with digital products in photo-editing software.


  • choose the size of your card
  • select your background paper and size to fit your card blank
  • choose 5 small tags and place a letter on each to form the word ‘happy’; these can be typed using a favorite computer font, rub-on letters or small chipboard letters
  • the tags used here are lightly edged, if you are making a paper design you could ink the edges of each tag
  • we have used a line of stitching from which to ‘hang’ the tags; you could stitch your card also or use a fine ribbon from which to hang them
  • select a long tag and add ‘birthday’ to it with one of the suggestions already made, and adhere below the tags and positioned to the right of the card
  • add a bow and flower embellishment on the left of this tag
  • another short line of stitching is below this tag and in line with it; if you used ribbon earlier you may want to use it again here
  • a fine cord has been curled and hung around the tag; hold it in place with the stitches and dots of glue


The products used in this layout are:

wm MRE WellLoved Collection MKTG 600
Well Loved Collection

wm ABR FitToBeTied 600
Fit To Be Tied Embellishment

We need to buy birthday cards and greetings cards of all sorts every month, if not every week. They can prove to be very expensive and so we sometimes have to curtail our passion for sending them. Making your own with your scrapbooking supplies is one way to cut the costs, and that proves to be even more efficient when using digital scrapbooking products which are re-usable – over and over and over again!

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