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I love to give birthday cards. However it can be an expensive business buying cards for everyone I want to give one to. That’s one reason why I started making my own.

Read on for the instructions on how to make another one of our simple birthday cards ideas.

I also like to make anniversary cards, thank cards, get well soon cards, and ‘whatever the occasion’ cards, lol! I just love to make and give them, so any excuse will do.

You can make standard size cards or choose a more unusual size like a giant or mini card. You can even make shaped cards. If you don’t know how to make envelopes you may prefer to stick to those that fit the envelopes you can buy. That said, there are still a variety of sizes to choose from.

Instructions to make this card – paper and digital:

  • choose your background paper and size to fit your card blank; this can cover the front only or you can cover the back, too
  • cut a length of striped paper to edge the card
  • if you are using digital products, add a ‘curled edge’ and use the eraser tool or the polygonal tool to remove the excess paper above it
  • if you are using paper supplies, tear the edge of the main paper and you can either leave as a torn edge or you can curl it back to reveal the white back
  • add your flower embellishments, remembering the ‘rule of uneven numbers’ design technique
  • add your greeting using a favorite computer font, rub-on letters or words, or outline stickers


For this card we used:

MRE WellLoved PaperMini
Well Loved Paper Super Mini

MRE WellLoved Emb
Well Loved Embellishment

That’s another birthday card idea using our scrapbooking supplies. Hope you enjoy making it.

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