WellLoved Green 425x72 web With large and growing families we are always looking for birthday cards, and nothing could be simpler than using our scrapbooking supplies to make them.

In this case it’s our digital scrapbooking products, but we’ve included instructions for paper, too.

Whether it’s for family members or friends, with just a few scrapbooking papers and embellishments you can cover everyone. In this mini-series we have a few birthday card samples for you.

Our latest niece, Charlotte, arrived just a couple of weeks ago on her uncle’s birthday. So that is another card needed in future for a busy season of family birthdays.

This card idea can be made with digital or paper supplies, and here’s how we did it.

To make this card:

  • add your choice of background paper to your card; it can cover the front only, or the whole of the outside of your card
  • take a rectangle of floral paper, smaller than your finished card size, then
  • add a slightly smaller rectangle of the background paper on top of the floral leaving just a tiny border
  • next add a ribbon or strip of paper to ‘wrap’ around the last paper
  • on top of this is a swirl which could be chipboard or paper with glitter covering it if you wish or an outline sticker swirl
  • add some flowers; one has a ‘jewel’ in the centre of it
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ is added using either one of your favorite computer fonts or outline stickers
  • if you make this on the computer then print it off onto cardstock or photograph paper and adhere to your card blank


For this card we used the following products:

MRE WellLoved Paper
1. Well Loved Paper

MRE WellLoved Zoom
2. Zoom Pages: Well Loved

MRE WellLoved Emb
3. Well Loved Embellishments

wm SNU AYO JeweledFlora MKTG600
4. Jeweled Flora

Making birthday cards with your paper or digital scrapbooking supplies is simple and quick. Have a go and see just how easy it is, and how many you could make with one kit. You will save the membership fee each month just by making your own greetings cards instead of buying them … and still have the products to use for paper or digital scrapbooking layouts.

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