sketch38 card

I had a quick play and came up with this birthday card using our most recent scrap booking sketch.

I haven’t fully really got the hang of PSE yet, so my ‘buttons’ look more like planets flying through space!

And, to be quite honest, it wasn’t a ‘quick’ play either, lol!

I wanted to try to work out how to do some of the inbuilt effects and I’m pleased to have managed a semblance of what I was aiming for.

To get this far, after adding, for example, the wow plastic effect, I double-clicked on the little blue fx on the layers pallet. It’s then a case of duplicating the numbers on a plain shape and see where it goes.

Tip: If you try this, keep a note of what you do at each stage … otherwise, like me, you’ll not be able to duplicate it!! *sad face*

Hope this inspires you to not only try one of our sketches, but to experiment a little with your favorite photo-editing program. Have fun with your scrap booking papers.

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