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A new take on a ‘before and after’ scrapbooking page; yet another layout with scrapbooking sketch #27.

Isabella decided to use her daughter’s two ultrasound photographs along with two taken when her grand daughter was the same number of weeks old, post birth: 12 weeks and 20 weeks of age in both cases.

Isabella remarked, “I remember DS1 fell on a skiing trip when he was six, almost losing his new front tooth. To save it, the dentist pushed it back into place and cemented it to the one beside it in a ‘buddy splint’.”

“A few weeks after the dental repair, he had an x-ray to check all was well; I remember being quite amazed to see all his new teeth waiting in the gums, ready to come through at the appropriate time.” Isabella adds, “The other fascinating thing was that the other tooth in the buddy splint had only been about half-way through at the time of the accident. While the cement kept the damaged tooth in place, the new tooth continued to push its way through, breaking the cement in the process.”

“When I saw the 20-week scan of the baby, I could see the teeth sitting waiting in the gums, just as for DS1 all those years ago! It was amazing all over again!”

“I come from the camp that says we are ‘wonderfully made‘,” Isabella continues. “If you would like to discuss it more, in an environment where no question is considered unimportant, have a look for an Alpha Course near you. Many people dismiss the issue without ever investigating for themselves, going on the opinion of others whom they are likely to discover have not looked into it either! Once you investigate something you are in a better place to criticise it and you will know exactly what it is you agree or disagree with.”

What Alpha offers,” says the Guardian newspaper, London, “and what is attracting thousands of people, is permission, rare in secular culture, to discuss the big questions – life and death and their meaning.”

Important considerations, but we’ve digressed from the subject in hand, namely this lovely scrapbooking page.

A Closer look …

Frilly-circle-idea WEB

Products used include:

  • Paper: Tuscany
  • Zoom Pages: Noteworthy
  • Noteworthy Embellishments
  • Gathered Borders
  • Framed Treasures


“I chose not to have any journaling this time as the photographs and title say it all,” Isabella said. “I should have put a little tag or something somewhere with the date. We know when it was, but it’s useful to let others viewing it know too.”

Thank you Isabella, another lovely scrapbooking page. Is that little grand daughter always this happy?