faded 12in burroHere is another scrapbook page design made with sketch 40. This time the 6 x 6 in layout has been set in a 12 x 12 in page.

For this new layout, I ‘stretched’ the embellishments which now sit outside the original 6 in section, and I layered the cardstock.

What else is different?

The original sketch called for a layer of ribbon along the lower part of the photo. I substituted the scalloped card ‘ribbons’ and placed them below the ‘mini’ layout.

There is no journaling on the page, but it could be added below the ribbon line.

Taking the embellishments and the ribbon outside the original design and placing the whole layout within a border help make this work as a 12 in scrapbook page.

Take a closer look.

faded 12in burro

“Burro” by Ignacio Godinez. Photo taken at Tlaquepaque, Sedona, AZ.

When you make a layout from a sketch you use it as a stepping stone to your own inspired page. These can often be totally different from the original sketch. However, so it is easier to see the effect of the changes, these last couple of posts show the layouts following the original sketch design in style and color. For added inspiration, it would not take much to make either of these designs work for a greeting card also.

For more scrapbook page design inspiration try one of our other sketches. Have fun scrapbooking.

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