sketch film sample 15pcweb

A travel scrapbook page with 30 photos and room for more? Is that possible and still be able to see the photographs?

Well, first off, unless you are entering a photo competition where the photograph is the focus then you do not need brilliant 7 x 5s for scrapbooking.

Secondly, you could see your photos on that little 6 x 4 in (or whatever) summary you used to get when a film was developed (remember those?) And the photos on this layout are huge in comparison.

Thirdly, it’s the memory that counts, and this type of scrapbook page is a summary and for reminiscing without worrying about seeing every detail. That said, the photos are about 1 in x 1.5 in, so you can see them.

Read on for today’s tips.

A trip to Europe is a huge adventure not to mention a great photo opportunity, and our friends made time for a few days with us. We were thrilled to see them for it had been twenty years of Christmas & birthday card exchanges, with the occasional letter, since we last saw them … 5000 miles is a long way, and more so when 2000 of them are ocean.

It took me ages to do this layout because I had to choose just a few photos and I’m no good at that. ‘Just a few photos?’ I hear you say. Yes, I took loads more.

I wanted to get the whole visit on as few pages as possible, and I thought if I forced myself to make a one-page layout it would make me choose the best and most representative photos. If I want to make supplementary layouts later, then I have the main ‘topics’ and can fill out other layouts with photos and the story.

Now the advantage of digital scrapbooking is that if I change my mind it is quite easy to redo the whole thing – which I may well do as I had intended to tell more of the story than I ended up doing. Then again, maybe I should fish out the old photographs, scan them in to my computer and tell the early part of the story separately. The memories are still in my head with quite a few photos to back it up and remind me of the bits I’ve forgotten.

Take a closer look

sketch film sample 15pcweb

I decided I wanted to use a film strip for this page. I created a single frame and a triple frame to allow for variations, and, in fact, needed both to complete one width of a 12 x 12 in page. Be warned: whether you are a digital or paper scrapper, there is a lot of resizing work in a layout like this.

To make a film strip for your paper scrapbook page:

  • Check what size your smallest square punch is – you want one about 1/8 in, but if you choose to work with slightly larger photographs you will get of with a 1/4 in square punch.
  • Look out your 1/4 in circle punch.
  • Decide what size your photos will be – with 1.5 in wide photos, allowing 1/8 in between photos, you will get 7 (and a half) across the page; center the strip and you will lose a little off the outside photos rather than half of one
  • prepare your photos at 1 in x 1.5 in.
  • For a 1 in high photo, cut a sheet of 12 in black card or heavy paper at 1.5 in, which equals a height of 1 in plus 2 borders of 0.5 in.
  • Cut as many lengths as you require.
  • Position your photos leaving 1/8 in between them.
  • Adhere them once you are satisfied with the placement.
  • Punch a 1/4 in half circle on the edge of the black card/paper, above and below each intersection, and on the outer edges if your photos are flush with the edge of your page – that is they do not overhang the edge.
  • Punch an odd number of square holes in the black card/paper, above and below each photo.
  • Adhere each film strip when you have finalized the overall look of your layout.

With so many squares and rectangles on this layout, I wanted to add something circular. I thought the finished result looked vaguely globe-like (use your imagination!) which goes with the travel theme.

The credits today are for PSE which allows a digital scrapper to do so much. The circle shape, the blotches and the leaves on the paper all come with it. I just put them together in the designs you see here.

Well, that’s another travel scrapbook page – with 30 photos and room for more to boot! Have fun scrapping!