Like most scrapbookers I’m always on the lookout for ideas I can develop and make my own, that’s why on my scrapBOOKing Christmas wish list you’ll find 3 books that fit the bill. (My daughter sent me her Amazon wishlist just last week which prompted me to think about what would be on my own. If any of my family is looking …)




1. Becky Higgins’ Creative Sketches for Scrapbooking


I already have Becky’s Creative Sketches, Vol. 2. I like it very much and would like her earlier volume, too – I know it’s the wrong way round, but I was given number two as a gift, and beggars can’t be choosers! LOL!

I like the clarity of a sketch that leaves me to fill in the details. It’s nice to get examples from others too but as I never have the same scrapbooking products on hand I can’t do it exactly the same. I love seeing how others combine colors, too. It can be so inspiring to see colors I wouldn’t normally think to use. I also find that when I work from a template I get the job done much quicker than when sitting down with a ‘blank canvas’ as it were.

I like how Becky always gives a two-page layout so giving three options for each sketch – the double page spread or either page on its own. That and the fact many of the designs can be used for cardmaking too always make me feel I’ve had good value from her ideas. With today’s fashion for using small bits of paper I get good value from each sheet too. My thrifty Scottish soul is satisfied. LOL!

Whether you are just starting scrapbooking or have been at it for ages, working with a sketch is a great way to pull your creativity into line, and to gain leverage from someone else’s.

If you like to scraplift a layout exactly as in the book you may not be able to get the products now as it is a few years since the book was published and scrapbooking products change so quickly. Or if you already have these two books, this may be the time to consider her latest …


2. The Best of Becky Higgins’ Sketches

… in which she updates all the sketches in the previous two volumes with today’s styles and products. Becky has done new layouts for each of the sketches.

Some may consider the fact that many of the layouts have already been published a downside, however I always find it amazing just how different two layouts can be even using the one sketch. And if you like to scraplift you will be able to get the products used in this book in the shops today.

I also think it’s good to have all the ideas in one place rather than having to thumb through several books or dozens of magazines to find a particular idea. I like to keep old magazines but they do take up a lot of space so having the ideas to hand in one book will make life much simpler – and tidier! LOL!


3. The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word: Quotes – Titles – Poetry – Tips – Words

Journaling is a big problem to many – myself included. I’ve seen many examples in the work of others where getting just the right title made the scrapbook page. I find it can focus my thoughts, making the layout more to the point, or much more fun. I’m always looking for the right words and they never come easily, so having a resource on hand giving lots of suggestions would be so useful.

This book covers so many topics, the quotes, titles and all may well inspire me to themes I hadn’t thought of covering, or aspects in photos I hadn’t noticed. It never fails to amaze me where inspiration will come from.

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word sounds an excellent scrapbooking resource with its quick references and wide range of subjects, and will work for cardmakers, too.


Well, that’s my scrapBOOKing Christmas wish list for this year … well, at least a part of it. Christmas is still a few weeks away so I’m sure I’ll think of more. LOL! What’s on your list – what the budget will stretch to as well as what would be on your dream list if money were no object? Tell us and we can dream with you.

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