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We’ve got a scrapbook layout with photos only. Ok, if you want to be pedantic … one word has sneaked in, too, lol!

“The sun was shining, the shadows were long, the light was just perfect, and Emily was on her way to visit with the ‘baas’ (sheep, to you and me) in the field opposite Grandma’s house.” Isabella said. “Of course, Daddy was on hand with the camera, too.”

“I love to see a toddler’s delight in discovering the world around her,” she continued. “The utter joy and wonder expressed with each new discovery is so refreshing. And, of course, when the toddler in question is my grandaughter, well … it makes it very special.” [tear]

Take a closer look

blocks1 sample

Isabella’s photos are 12 in x 6 in, 3 in x 2 in (just a little under, to get them to fit the page) and about 6 in x 6 in (again adjusted to fit the page she said.)

When you don’t want your journaling visible on a paper layout you can hide the story on a tag placed behind an image or write it on the back of your page. Why would you not want it visible? Well, sometimes it can be personal and you don’t want everyone to view it. Sometimes your page is just too busy to add anything else.

It’s not quite so easy with a digital layout, but there are ways. Here are three tips to get you going:

  1. Write on the back of your printed page.
  2. Hide the story behind a photo. How? Type the story in a photo slot. Print that photo separately, making sure you have enough border at one side to fold over to make a hinge. Your page protector will keep it closed in your album.
    You can also add one of those little arrow thingies you hold down with a brad and slide it over the edge to hold it closed. (Sorry I forget the name of it – is it a ‘turn mount’ or something like that?) This would work particularly well with a hybrid scrapbook page.
  3. Make a mini accordion album to hold your journaling, and adhere it to the front of your page.

Of course, you could always write the story on a hidden layer in PSE, but then you’d be the only one who knew it was there, and sometimes we want to share it with a few people but not the ‘whole world’.

Well that’s it for today. If you’ve any suggestions on how to add hidden journaling to a scrapbook layout with photos only then let us know. We’re all eagerly waiting – grin!

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