Zoom Album 1a Grandma may not be into photography, but have you met one yet who does not whip out the photographs the moment you start talking? Make this cute scrapbooking alternative as a graduation brag book for Grandma and bless her socks off!

The example here shows one made for the flowergirls at a wedding, but it can easily be adapted for a graduation or any other special event.

The Zoom Album is an innovative kit that produces a hardbound, 3″x3″ photograph album. You can choose from a plain colored album cover you can embellish, or use your own photography on the cover. You can add a title on the front and the spine, too, just like a real book!

Zoom Album 2 - 6inIt’s not your normal scrapbook album, but the results are sturdy and delightful. It takes twelve photographs, but if you wanted the scrapbook look, you could include a little journaling in place of some photos. Each pack makes three cute little albums.

The Zoom Album kit is simple to use, and as each pack contains enough material to make three albums, you could have your own delightful copy as well as one for each Grandma. If you have only one Grandma to make things for, you have two spare albums for the children’s graduation or other events worth scrapbooking.

Zoom Album 2

The basic idea can be found online at some scrapbook websites. However, this pack comes complete with patented, high quality photo papers that are perforated and scored in the right places, and self-adhesive. The instructions are easy to follow, and the software makes it easy to get your photos onto the sheet in the right order, first time! They also have a neat way to get the hard binding right first time, too.

There is a warning that it will not work on some HP printers.

Isabella reported she had one of the ‘wrong’ printers but decided to try it anyway, as she’d been looking for something as cute as these for ages. She found her printer wouldn’t lift the small paper that became the cover photo. So she printed the photo she wanted to use as her Zoom Album cover, at the size required, onto a sheet of full size photo paper instead, cutting it to the right size once printed.

Isabella points out that she used heavyweight photograph paper, as that was all she had. As it was much heavier than the original that came in the pack, she found it took longer to shape the book, which then came unstuck after a few days as the glue she used was not strong enough. It had to be pressed for longer, too. But with these obstacles overcome it made a sturdy little book.

As the original photo paper in the pack is lightweight, you may find it an easier process if you have to substitute, to use a light photo paper.

This makes it sound daunting, but it’s not. We’ve said all this in case you are put off by the printer warning.


1. To make a Zoom Album with your OWN PHOTO on the cover select this:
Zoom Album 3×3 digital PHOTO Cover Album Kit
Zoom Album 1a


2. To make a Zoom Album with a PLAIN cover select this:
Zoom Album 3×3 Digital Color Cover Album Kit
Zoom Album 4


Zoom Album – Isabella’s Photos

The cover of the album shows the head dress the little flowergirls wore.

Zoom Album 1a

Each album has the flowergirl’s own name on the cover and spine.

Zoom Album 2 - 6in


Inside are twelve photographs from the wedding.

Zoom Album 3 - 6in



Zoom Album 3 - 6in“Have a go as the result is beautiful,” says Isabella. “I had the ‘wrong’ printer but with a little extra work the results were wonderful. You’ll make your first album in an evening and the second even quicker!”

“It’s very professional looking,” she added “and one of the most beautiful brag books around.” (See large photos.)


Zoom Album is an elegant alternative to a scrapbook album. Make this wonderful little book as a graduation brag book for Grandma. You’ll be an instant hit, and she’ll be delighted!