Using a multi photo layout sketch can have you scratching your head wondering how to fill all the photo spaces. We have 13 tips here for you.

1. The layout is for 20 photos, but I only have 10 (or whatever number you have) I want to use, what can I do?

  • Look carefully at your photos and see if you can ‘zoom in’ on a specific part of the photograph – after all, the layout calls for 2″ images and most photos are at least 6×4″, and some digital photos are huge. You may even be able to get 2 or 3 good 2″ images from one photograph.

2. I can’t see any bits in my photos that will work.

  • Can’t see the wood for the trees, as it were? Then use an old empty slide mount, tag, perspex shape, or cut out a 2″ window in the center of a 6″ piece of card (or larger), and look over your photo through this window: the card will hide the rest of the photo which can distract your attention and allow you to focus only on what’s in view in the 2″ window you’ve made. This will allow you to see hidden gems in your photo. Then cut it out carefully to size. (A 2″ punch is a great help here.)


3. What else can I do if I don’t have enough photos?

  • If you decide to run with the photos you have, you can remove one or two columns of photos (from scrapbooking sketch #19) and perhaps increase your journaling space.


4. I have a wonderful photo that I’d like to use but it’s too big.

  • Use one photo, instead of four, say, and position your other photos around it.


5. How can I make one photo seem bigger?

  • Cut one photo carefully to occupy several spaces, say four or eight positions – like tiles. A photo that’s split like this can look very interesting. Plus it ‘enlarges’ an otherwise small photo, drawing attention to it.


Here are 8 more tips to fill the ‘windows’ …

  1. Use one or two as journaling blocks, or perhaps one in each line.
  2. Place word art in a space.
  3. Add embellishments to a space.
  4. Lace ribbon around your photos, anchoring it in some of the empty windows. It could be simply laced or, for example, in a heart shape.
  5. In a similar way, curls, swirls or flourishes can be anchored in one of the windows.
  6. Use action shot photos taken in sequence.
  7. How about making one or two photos slightly larger than the others and set them on foam tape to sit out from the page – a bit like the comic strips of years ago, although you don’t need to go for the ‘Ker-plow’, ‘Biff’, ‘Bang’, or whatever they used, lol!
  8. Do you have a rectangular photo you want to use? Place it across 2 windows, employing some of our earlier tips to help it fit in if necessary.

Hope you find these 13 tips for multi photo layouts useful to fill your scrapbooking page when using our scrapbooking sketch #19. If you’ve any other tips then we’d love to hear from you. Add them to the comments below. Thanks for looking in.

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