National Scrapbooking Day logoWith even one of our 10 tips for National Scrapbooking Day you’re sure to have a great time. So read on to see how we can help you out.


  1. If you have a young family try making reciprocal child care arrangements with a friend, partner, parent or sister. Offer them several hours child care, or an afternoon free to follow the pursuit they love, in return for their help looking after your kids to let you scrapbook for a few hours. Be at least as generous to them as you’re asking them to be to you, and even more.
  2. Call your local craft store or event place to check for cancellations and you may yet find yourself at a crop!
  3. Feeling sorry for yourself that all the scrapbooking events are still fully booked? Then call a few friends and make your own event – you won’t be the only one who didn’t get a place in time, or whose circumstances have changed. And if it won’t work this week make it next! There’s nothing to say it has to happen on a specific day. Crop with friends any day that works for you!
  4. If you feel you have to justify spending time on your favorite hobby then make a layout for your Mom for Mother’s Day … and your mom-in-law … your grandmother, and anyone else you can think of who needs a gift! (It depends how much time you plan to spend scrapping. LOL!) She/they’ll be delighted, you’ll have a gift to give and no one can say you were wasting your time.
  5. If you need another excuse, then tell them it’s on-the-job-training . You’ll never spend time scrapbooking with others and not learn SOMETHING!
  6. Not got much spare cash? Then challenge yourself to make a layout on $5 – the cost, Dear, not the bill itself! Although that would be another challenge! LOL!
  7. Got a REALLY tight budget this year and can’t justify spending any money whatsoever? Then don’t! You’ll have plenty in your stash to make any number of scrapbook pages, I’m sure! I know I certainly have. To make even more of a challenge restrict yourself to using only things in your scraps box.
    (Don’t tell me you didn’t realize that was how the ‘patchwork’ styles came about … you didn’t think they bought new papers and cut them into these tiny pieces, did you?)
  8. So you haven’t got anywhere with even one of these tips so far? Well don’t sit there with a long face; get online and seek out new inspiration! (You’ve obviously got internet access or you wouldn’t be reading this!) Unless you’ve been scrap booking for centuries you’ll not have all the techniques covered yet. There are millions of scrapbooking ideas out there, too.
  9. Check out your favorite website or try a new one. There will be others out there who can’t get to a crop for one reason or another, just waiting to chat to you.
  10. And if all else fails, CALL MOM! She still loves you even if no one else does! (I know it can feel that way when things don’t work out the way you want them to.)

You CAN make time to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. It’s just that sometimes you have to be a little more creative, that’s all.

Tell us how you got on, especially if you use one of our 10 Tips for National Scrapbooking Day to get you going even at this late stage. Use the comments button below. All the best.


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