12 Mother's Day - May 2008

 In honor of Mother’s Day we have a new digital scrapbook layout and some lessons learned in motherhood. It’s one of the more challenging stages of life, offering many opportunities for growth – and not just for the children!

And here’s some advanced warning for any unsuspecting mom-to-be out there …

Lesson 1. Once you have a child you lose half your brain

… and if you have any more than two, there is no hope for you!

I was told this by a stranger-soon-to-be-new-friend one day while at a coffee morning or some such event, with my toddler and baby playing quietly at my feet. What she did not know at the time was my daughter, aged 4, was at playgroup that morning.

So there was no hope for me! Sigh. Ah, well! (And a laugh!)

Here are some great examples of how other scrappers honored their moms –
or were honored by their families for Mother’s Day 2008.

Mother’s Day Recipe Scrapbook – My daughter’s gift

She wrote comments throughout and memories of when we ate some of those things. Honestly–made me want to just burst out in tears! Tell me about your Mother’s Day…

10 Months Old & Mother’s Day! – This mom received a scrapbooking day in a kid-free zone!

Michael gave me a scrapbooking day on Saturday, and took both kids out for several hours before their naptimes so I could have uninterrupted scrapbooking time. Heaven! I’m caught up to November! Woo-hoo! While they were out, …

Lesson 2. Don’t be afraid to be different

… because if I am afraid my children will be too.

Don’t conform to everything you see and hear; learn what’s better and do that.

Lesson 3. What it means to love unconditionally

There were many times I did not like what my children did, and even some times when I really did not like them (teen years!) But I would no more stop loving them and caring about what happens to them than I could stop breathing.

Lesson 4. Just how much God loves us

I knew the Bible says God loves us despite the things we do wrong and sent Jesus to be our Savior, but it was only in loving my children despite what they did that I ‘saw it in action’ as it were, and got a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s love for us – for me.

Lesson 5. Perseverance: Do not give up

I am an enthusiastic starter. I love new beginnings whether it’s a new craft, a new house or making new friends.

What I did not realize when I started a family was how much that would be tested over the years. There were times when the going got tough and I wanted to run away. But being a parent was not something I could stop whenever I’d had enough. I had to keep going, to be there to support (my husband and) my kids.

Doing the right thing – even if sometimes for the wrong reason is the right thing to do.

Lesson 6. Some things are worth fighting for

Learning what is important and must be held on to, and what can give way. I was forced to think again and again where to pick the battles: what values were worth defending and fighting strong-willed children to preserve; and when it was safe to let them have their way.

Lesson 7. Acceptance – unconditional

I was very little when my father walked out on our family and was left with a rejection complex. Seeing a child walk up to her Daddy, climb onto his lap and into his arms, knowing it was her place of total acceptance, was another very powerful lesson. There is no hint of rejection – only acceptance because of the relationship which is so close and understood on both sides.  If I had not been a mother I could not have understood this and therefore what it is like to be accepted in God’s family.

More examples –
from Mother’s Day 2008.

Mother’s Day Gift Album – Outstanding example of excellent design by a ScrapGirls scrapper

With acknowledgement to the talented designer who made designing this entire album possible …

And now…a heart-warming story… – How a scrapbook gift eased painful memories for one mom

Amanda and I first met when we were both part of an online scrapbooking swap group. That group was fun for a while, and then one day the owner decided she just couldn’t handle keeping it up any more. We abandoned ship and joined another …

Lesson 8. Habits are caught not taught

As a child my mother used to say, ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say.’

I never thought I’d hear myself saying the same thing as I’m caught out again in habits I didn’t notice I had – until seeing my children develop them!

When we live closely with someone we copy them. In pointing out how they were catching my bad habits, I encouraged my children to choose their friends wisely as bad habits are contagious. It was also an opportunity to impress on them that they are role models for their friends and younger siblings.

Lesson 9. Not to show favorites

I tried hard not to show favoritism to one child over another. Each was my favorite in different ways, but life is competitive enough without setting one child against his brother.

Lesson 10. To be thankful my husband was with me in it

Being a parent myself has given me enormous gratitude for my own mother who was a single-parent. I’m very thankful my husband has been part of raising our kids, for it is difficult enough at times with two of us on the job. He was often away on business and it must have been quite frustrating coming back to sort out the arguments between wife and teenagers! I’m thankful he took his responsibilities seriously.

Lesson 11. To be even more thankful God is with me through it all

He is on our side, rooting for us and wanting us to succeed. I was so thankful to learn that lesson.

OK, I know that’s more than ten … think of it as a bonus, lol! I’m sure I learned even more lessons than that, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Perhaps we can discuss others at another time – if I remember them!

This is why I wish I’d learned scrapbooking earlier, either that or been a journal keeper. Heigh-ho! I am what I am and glad of it because others need my spontaneity – grin!


Isabella’s layout honoring her mother.

12 Mother's Day - May 2008

To see a bigger image go to Layout for Mother’s Day

The materials used are:

  • Patternologie Collection
  • Up at the Villa Collection
  • Torn Pieces
  • Lifted Photos

All are from ScrapGirls.

So, a combination of lessons learned in Motherhood in honor of Mother’s Day, a scrapbook layout honoring one mother and some great digital scrapbooking products. Thanks for reading this far!

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